Monday, April 21, 2008

yummmm matzah!

The Feast of Unleavened Bread has begun! woo-hoo?

Background story: All week I had been looking forward to the Bagel Bakery, silly I know, but I was really craving it and I figured it would be a fun thing to go to church and then get a delicious crab dip bagel for lunch.

Sunday began this "feast" (I've always thought it strange that it's called that. I mean, I understand but I always seem to eat less rather than more since apparently everything is made with some sort of leavening). So I woke up Sunday morning and legitimately screamed "crap" when I realized I had wouldn't be getting my bagel...or any bagel that day or any day in the near future. I mentioned this dilemma to my roommate who said "OOO! Bagel Bakery sounds great!" and I began to think maybe I will go. I don't have to celebrate this year. Then I got to thinking...

Leavening represents sin, that's what the whole feast is about. You rid yourself of all the leavening in your house. Like you are supposed to get rid of all food with it and sweep and vacuum all crumbs... There should be no hint of leaven in the house. You're ridding yourself of sin. Getting it out of your life...COMPLETELY. Now living in an apartment with 7 girls who don't celebrate this makes it a little hard to get rid of all it (although I'm sure no one would mind if i throughly swept) but the concept still remains. I began to notice how easily I was ready to just give up and give in...after only a few hours and how that applies to my life and my sin. Sin is EVERYWHERE. It's all over the place tempting you at every turn. I don't have to give in but I so often do. The reason leavening represents sin is because if even a little bit of it gets into a batch of dough it spreads throughout the whole thing. And I see that in my life with sin so often. Giving into the "littlest" of things can cause such a change in my life and I notice it.

Long thought process short (and yes, I had a long thought process about bread) I make it through 8 days without bread when at the beginning it always seems a little impossible when you look at those ingredients labels so why not make it through life without those sins that I keep stumbling on?

So here's to Matzah! :D